Make the Carriers come to you

With Channel19, a fast growing number of Carriers reach you, so you are visible when decisions are made. Make your booking offers automatically available when Carriers search for loads in your lanes.

Reduce complexity and cost

Drastically decrease the number of phone calls and emails that add no value. With Channel19 your sales team saves time to focus on the most critical issues.

Access real-time market data

Inform your product development, pricing and revenue management decisions. Channel19 gives you access to structured, real-time demand and market data to better price your products and serve your customers.

Flexible solutions built on your existing systems

4 weeks


“Channel19 integrates with existing technology and was able to minimize integration efforts on our side. The entire process from start to going live took less than 4 weeks and enabled us to offer live rates with instant booking on the Channel19 platform.”
Integrates with your existing APIs and/or workflows
Helps automate carrier onboarding
Optionally onboard all new Channel19 carriers instantly to your platform
Full support for instant booking, and bidding (two-way communication)
End-to-end execution including in-transit load tracking reported back to your system
Secure, scalable, reliable, and user-friendly

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