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Book loads from
multiple sources in one place

Get real time rates on available loads
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Why use Channel19?

Save Time

Our all-in-one solution makes you more efficient in your daily operations. No more platform switching, less back and forth and more certainty for your business decisions.

Work smarter,
book better loads

With Channel19 you get real-time insights into market rates to make informed decisions. We allow you to easily find the best rates to book more loads with higher margins.

Streamline business processes

Channel19 helps you increase your revenues and profits by streamlining administrative tasks and paperwork.

What our customers are saying

Channel19 has been great to work with. They take care of all the details from finding high paying loads to booking, paperwork, and final payment. They do all this at a very competitive price. I would highly recommend them.

Gurdeep S, California

Working with Channel19 has been great. They are available when needed and help us find the best loads for our needs. Great company and team.

Kirill M, Illinois

The Channel19 team exceeded our expectations. They are transparent, helpful and very focused on our overall experience with them. I am happy I decided to give them
a chance.

Rocky N, New York

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