Is Your Trucking Business Affected By CALIFORNIA AB5?

See our latest post on California’s AB5 legislation. If you need help with AB5, Channel19 can guide you through the process and provide you with a modern software solution to stay independent and profitable. Contact us to see how we can help.

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Channel19 offers priority access to freight loads from over 65 integrated partners, and you can access thousands more by entering your credentials for existing load boards and broker web sites to which you already have access.  Get up-to-date rate information and book digitally with our preferred partners to save time and hassle.

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Let Channel19 get you set up with leading brokers and shippers, find and book loads for you, and handle all of your dispatching needs. You choose where you want to go, and Channel19 can help get you there.

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If you prefer to find and book loads and manage your trucking business by yourself, Channel19 provides all of the powerful dispatch and load management solutions that we use internally with user friendly web and mobile applications.

Instant Payments

Get paid instantly upon proof of delivery with the best rates in the industry.  Whether you’re signed up for Full Service or Self Service, Channel19 can help manage invoices, integrate with your accounting system, and help get your drivers paid as well.

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Channel19 has been great to work with. They take care of all the details from finding high paying loads to booking, paperwork, and final payment. They do all this at a very competitive price. I would highly recommend them.

Gurdeep S, California

Working with Channel19 has been great. They are available when needed and help us find the best loads for our needs. Great company and team.

Kirill M, Illinois

The Channel19 team exceeded our expectations. They are transparent, helpful and very focused on our overall experience with them. I am happy I decided to give them
a chance.

Rocky N, New York

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